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Mary’s Genealogy Cave v 2.0

Mary’s Genealogy Cave version 2.0 It’s spring housecleaning time again, and this year it included the re-organization of my genealogy/office/quilting/photography room. I spent the last two weeks working so diligently on this re-organization that I didn’t stop to make the … Continue reading

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How Are We Related?

This video is a great explanation of family relationships!

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Why Genealogy?

Why Genealogy? By Mary Angus-Yanke When I began to think about genealogy, I had known only one grandparent – My grandma ‘Doll’.  Doll passed away when I was four years old, and the stories of my ancestors with her. All my … Continue reading

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Start With Yourself

 Clue: Those beginning genealogy often ask: Where do I start? The answer is with Yourself: Start with what  you know and work back.

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Source Everything

 Clue: When adding any fact or story to your family tree or book,  it’s as important to source the information  as it is to state it at all. Without sources, the validity of the information is unreliable because it can’t … Continue reading

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We’ll explore some general genealogy issues on this website, including help to get organized and started, and then advancing with it. I’ll share what I’ve found to be useful tricks and tools of the trade, and we’ll problem-solve issues like … Continue reading

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Welcome To My Genealogy Website

I love researching family history and talking to other people who share this passion. My conversations with others about genealogy have been so beneficial to whatever I’m working on, and I’ve been able to offer others many insights and ideas … Continue reading

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