Mary’s Genealogy Cave v 2.0

Mary’s Genealogy Cave version 2.0

It’s spring housecleaning time again, and this year it included the re-organization of my genealogy/office/quilting/photography room. I spent the last two weeks working so diligently on this re-organization that I didn’t stop to make the usual posts on the family history page. I’m showing the before and after results for everyone out there to give you an idea of where I’m at with our genealogy, and why it was important to organize it.

Until three years ago, I somehow managed to do these hobbies without any dedicated space at all, but I worked out of a corner of one room or another with them.  After our youngest daughter grew up and moved out of the house, we did a major renovation  to our house and  Voila! My Cave was created.

I began to file and organize the papers and pictures that had been packed up in boxes before this. I found documents and tidbits that I had either forgotten I had, or couldn’t find when I needed them. Here’s what things looked like before:

Genealogy Stored in Boxes

Genealogy Stored in Boxes






And here’s what they look like now:


Mary's Pedigree Chart showing pedigree numbers

Mary’s Pedigree Chart showing pedigree numbers


Mary's Pedigree Files Sorted

Mary’s Pedigree Files Sorted







I organized EVERYTHING – documents, papers, photographs, heirlooms – according to family branch, with color-coded files for each family following a Pedigree Chart (see below), which gave me the ability to use both Names and the pedigree Numbers for the filing system. The standard pedigree numbering system sorted out all the John & William Cockerill’s, James, Edward & Patrick Lynn’s, and Thomas Angus’s, which is well worthwhile by itself. Then, I created a guide to help others navigate it all. These now fill a large 4-drawer lateral file cabinet for my genealogy and a 4-drawer regular cabinet for Jason’s genealogy.

The pictures above shows how documents are arranged, and the picture below shows photograph arrangement.

Genealogy Photos Sorted

Genealogy Photos Sorted

The safe in the middle of these archive photo storage boxes has thumb drives and external hard drives of all the photos and information. Copies are also stored in a safe deposit box and on ‘cloud’ storage.




During the renovation of our house, we replaced the small window in what was being transformed from a spare bedroom into my workroom with a large window, so that I could enjoy the prairie and lake scenes outside the front of our house.

This panoramic picture shows the room I’ve been working from the last three years:

Mary's Genealogy Cave 2013

Mary’s Genealogy Cave 2013




With an expansion needed to the genealogy, to my office space to keep track of our farm and business, to my newly-acquired photography hobby and to quilting, I purchased one more desk for the quilting and rearranged the room to look like this today:

Mary's Genealogy Cave Panoramic May 2016

Mary’s Genealogy Cave Panoramic May 2016




And so ends my genealogy spring housecleaning, which gave me the extra shelf and drawer space I needed to continue.



About Researching Family Roots

My work with genealogy and writing includes the usual collection of family names with dates and places, but goes beyond these. By using personal evidence along with cultural and oral history, I explore who people were rather than solely names without faces, and to give a voice to my ancestors. I include the many great website links I use to research Canadian, English, Irish, German from Russia and Australian transportation ancestors. My Canadian research is in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario, Canadian Military and War Brides; English research is in the ‘Black Country’ and Yorkshires of England. Links to my favorite Genealogy Blogs are included.
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