Welcome To My Genealogy Website

I love researching family history and talking to other people who share this passion. My conversations with others about genealogy have been so beneficial to whatever I’m working on, and I’ve been able to offer others many insights and ideas to the problems they’re working on.  One problem with all this however is that most people in my life have only a passing interest in genealogy, and I find myself getting much more into the conversation about it than they are, so I’ve become the annoying relative/friend/co-worker. Blerg.

As a result of all this, I discovered the wonderful world of genealogy blogs: An online community of passionate genealogists who love to talk about what they’re working on, and to offer their insights and ideas to the problems I’m working on. My interactions with them have saved the relationships close to me, and my husband, children, friends and co-workers now enjoy my company again. Yay!

Join me in my genealogy travels where we will discover and write the fascinating stories of our families together.


About Researching Family Roots

My work with genealogy and writing includes the usual collection of family names with dates and places, but goes beyond these. By using personal evidence along with cultural and oral history, I explore who people were rather than solely names without faces, and to give a voice to my ancestors. I include the many great website links I use to research Canadian, English, Irish, German from Russia and Australian transportation ancestors. My Canadian research is in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario, Canadian Military and War Brides; English research is in the ‘Black Country’ and Yorkshires of England. Links to my favorite Genealogy Blogs are included.
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