We’ll explore some general genealogy issues on this website, including help to get organized and started, and then advancing with it. I’ll share what I’ve found to be useful tricks and tools of the trade, and we’ll problem-solve issues like brick walls and staying focused so that research shows progressive results. We’ll write some family stories together! And, we’ll talk about some of the things that round those stories out, such as family photographs, documents and heirlooms, and how to avoid making common errors with all of these.
We’ll also explore some very specific genealogy which I’ve discovered in my own family research and will be valuable to those with similar family roots. These specifics include research in the Canadian provinces of Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario, the Yorkshire and Black Country areas in England, Ireland, with Australian Transportation ancestors, and with Germans from Russia ancestors. I also have a special interest in Military ancestors, and the women who were ‘War Brides’.
I’ve been interested in family history all my life which led me to collect family historical artifacts like letters, photographs and diaries throughout the years. In 2005 – nine years ago at this writing – I began recording genealogy in earnest. This began by buying a computer and learning a genealogy software program which helped me to organize what I’d gathered to date and map out what was still needed. I’m still working on what’s still needed, which will never end. I’ve travelled to the areas I research several times in my quest for information I wasn’t able to find on the computer, and I’ve met some wonderful people along the way including cousins and complete strangers who have become friends through our common interest.
I’m excited about the genealogical journey we’ll be taking together here, so let’s get started!

About Researching Family Roots

My work with genealogy and writing includes the usual collection of family names with dates and places, but goes beyond these. By using personal evidence along with cultural and oral history, I explore who people were rather than solely names without faces, and to give a voice to my ancestors. I include the many great website links I use to research Canadian, English, Irish, German from Russia and Australian transportation ancestors. My Canadian research is in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario, Canadian Military and War Brides; English research is in the ‘Black Country’ and Yorkshires of England. Links to my favorite Genealogy Blogs are included.
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